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Citradata Foundation regularly offers special courses for groups of students with particular needs or interests. Some of these are offered on a regular basis, such as English public speaking during the Ramadan, and some are offered by special arrangement at different times during the year. If you are interested in a special arrangement for a group of students, please contact the Citradata Foundation and Administration. Mark ßu’ulölö Alameda, California
The mission of Citradata Foundation is to serve learners of English by offering courses designed to support development of English language skills for academic studies in Indonesia and beyond. Citradata Foundation also contributes to the development of English Program professionals, encourages curricular innovation, and supports the research mission of the Foundation. In these ways the Citradata Foundation contributes to the broader its mission in fostering a community of global citizens. Antonio Bolero Indianapolis, Indiana
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Citradata Foundation is an Information Design Technology Consultant Services. We established our services in 2003 and our foundation are positioned as a premiere leader in the IT industry to assist you in your business. Please do not hesitate to contact US if you have any questions regarding our services.

Citradata Foundation is one of the best consultant foundation in Artificial Intelligence, Usability Testing, Web Design, and, Information Retrieval. Our goal is to build trust along with mutual cooperation with businesses that align with US.