About Us

We found Citradata Arts & Crafts Consulting in 2003 and are a pioneer in the technology industry in the fields of Education, Web Developers, Data Scientists, and Information Architecture. Our experience proves that technology is the most critical part of survival in today’s digital world. 

Our services include Consulting Services in Information Technology education and Learning Management systems. Educational background and experience are the primary keys to success in serving our customers wholeheartedly. Contact us anytime on WhatsApp.

Mark Bu’ulölö
Co-Founder, Citradata Director

Citradata's service quality is unquestionable because it sets priorities the commitment to serve customers wholeheartedly, so an excellent cooperative can be mutually valuable for both parties. Two-way communication is Citradata's priority in building an effective communication platform between service providers and customers to create mutually beneficial cooperation.


Sara Lisbon
Adobe Certified Expert

Cara Lisbon is a certified adobe expert and a driving force in education, where the results of her work are known everywhere. It is not surprising that Citradata Arts & Crafts sought her advice in today's developing world of education.

How to find us

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